H-Connect Digital Health Transformation Personal digital health wallet, integration with healthcare applications, Paperless hospital, digital presence, patient engagement and healthcare analytics – A way to Digital transformation for healthcare providers.

H-Connect connects patients, doctors, clinics, laboratory and hospital for “One Patient, One Record”
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H-Connect Integrated Health Portal to Examine, Empower and Engage We partner with various stake holders like Patients, Hospitals, Labs, health authority with Healthcare data exchange platform and helps improve the global health delivery systems for healthcare needs of the society. View More
H-Connect Patient Relationship and referral engagement Secure electronic messaging platform to communicate with patients and referrals on relevant health information. Retain and expand patient base through efficient Referral Management processes and platform. View More
H-Connect Healthcare analytics and Business intelligence Build your own dashboards with interactive graphs, balanced scorecards and summary reports with near real time data for quality and performance improvement to take right decision at right time with right data and right approach. View More

H-Connect - A Global Health Hub

Improving efficiency, quality of care and reducing cost of It with H-Connect

delivery by partnering with various stakeholders like Patients, Hospitals, Labs, Research facilities, Heath authority. It integrates heterogeneous applications and practices used worldwide to compile into a common platform and deliver it into meaningful methods used by different stakeholders.

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Digital Health Wallet

An individual Health portal – Power to manage health by enabling to monitor and store health data from different sources and stay connected with healthcare providers – doctors, hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare organization in a private, secure, and confidential environment.

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Digital Health Practice

Transform your clinic or hospital into digital environment for better care for patients through integrated or standalone health record management, appointment scheduling, medication and follow-up visit reminders on patient’s digital health wallet along with patient relationship and analytics tools.

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Digital Health Analytics

Build a custom interactive dashboard with quick and insightful answers to questions in visual format with various graphs, balanced scorecards and summary reports with near real time data to enhance organisation performance. To deliver better quality patient care and get clinical overview of the population.

  • Improve patient satisfaction, outcomes and
    delivery times
  • Increase accountability, transparency and
  • Track wait times, readmissions,
    insurance and more

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H-Connect - an acronym for Health Connect, is a Software as a Services Portal, which serves multiple stakeholders of the Health Domain viz. Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Laboratories and others to acquire, access, integrate and incorporate Health Information in an Electronic Ecosystem to build a universal Electronic Health Record.

Top 5 Healthcare Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2020
Top 5 Healthcare Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2020

What are your hospital memories??? This question is a little awkward but let us have a quick walk through the memories. Booking a doctor’s appointment a few times back means canceling all your meetings because you will wait in the long queue for hours. And, not only this, if the visit includes clinical diagnosis then forget about your other engagements for the day.

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Why hospital need Business app in 2018?
Why hospital need Business app in 2018?

Hospitals/ Laboratories can improve their administrative efficiency and enhance patient engagement with the use of Digital Health Wallet (DHW)

With the use of H-Connect DHW, a physician or a treating doctor will have sufficient information on hand to deal with lifesaving emergency of his/her patient. Enabling a care provider

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